The worst websites


2 min read

The good/bad thing about looking for a job is looking at a lot of websites. And recruitment company websites tend to be overly flashy, I've found. But there were two that stood out as being particularly bad. No names are mentioned here because I didn't make note of them and I can't remember them because it was several months ago.

Site 1 - animate all the text

You're bound to have seen websites that had some animation as you scroll. Like images coming onto the page as you scroll down. Like it or hate it, we could debate on where the line is on how much of that is acceptable. Except for this site where I can't believe anyone thought it was acceptable (except that clearly someone did).

The job advert was quite long and didn't fit onto one screen. When I scrolled down I got a blank page and then some text appeared. When I scrolled back up I got a blank page and then some text appeared. Which meant that I couldn't read the whole advert in one go, I kept having to wait a few seconds for the text to appear. Which was long enough for me to forget what I'd just read. I ended up having to copy and paste the text into a document so I could read the thing.

Site 2 - what are labels

I think it's safe to say that we all agree if you have a form you need some sort of text to tell you what should go in each box. I'm not a fan of it only being on the placeholder because it vanishes as soon as you click on it and then you forget what it said. But at least it's better than nothing.

Except on this particular site the placeholder text was such a light grey on a white input that it took me a while to realise there was placeholder text at all. Reading it was impossible. Fortunately, my browser remembers stuff and if I pressed the down arrow it came up with some suggestions, from which I could work out what they wanted. Assuming they set the inputs up properly, which it's only just occurring to me now that they might not.