Tailwind CSS


2 min read

I tried Tailwind CSS some years ago and I wasn't very fond of it. I think mainly because it slowed down my CSS writing as I had to look up everything, whereas I didn't have to look it up in CSS.

I've been trying it again recently and I'm still not sold on it, but I don't hate it so much any more.

It helps that I've got a VS Code extension that autocompletes tags. Although it's less useful when I want an align-items: center because I start by typing 'align' when it's actually items-center. But the VS Code extension shows me the CSS when I hover so I can see if I've got it right.

It also helps that the system we use at work for padding and margins etc is based on Tailwind. And that someone explained it was all multiples of 4. So 4 = 1rem, 8 = 2rem etc. So adding padding and margin no longer requires me to look up the number.

When I first used it it introduced me to the idea of utility classes, which makes sense. And I can see the use of Tailwind when you're doing something simple.

But although I know that if I did a lot of Tailwind I wouldn't have to look so many things up, so it would get quicker to write. But I can't help feeling that it would be easier just to write CSS.