My experience with Vue


1 min read

I've done a a few projects using React and one using Svelte, so I though it was finally time to try Vue.

Vue has a similar idea to both React and Svelte, so I at least had an idea of what I was doing. But it was different enough that sometimes I had no idea how to do the simplest little thing. It meant I spent a lot of time Googling. Which in itself was a bit fraught because I was using Vue 3. I knew things had changed quite a bit between Vue 2 and Vue 3, but not what exactly. So sometimes solutions didn't work because they were one of the things that changed.

Once I got the hang of things it got easier. I think of the three that Svelte is easiest to understand. I think Vue is a combination of Svelte and React. I don't know that Vue is any easier or harder than React, though. I think they each have some things that are more or less intuitive.

On the whole I enjoyed getting to learn and use Vue. I would definitely use it again. If I used it more I know I'd get more confident with it.