Day 100 of 100


2 min read

This week I finished my third 100 days of code. After the first two I thought it's a bit silly to continue it, but then I found that it's good to be able to look back and see how much I've learnt over that time.

Last 100 days my focus was mainly on CSS. This time I included more JS, but continued with the CSS.

100 days ago I was trying to learn unit testing. It took me a while to find some good videos and tutorials, narrow down which tools to use, and set VS Code up. It took me about 60 days, on and off (including a break in the middle because I was struggling), but I made a number guessing game using Jest and Cypress, and in the process understood a lot more about testing. I need to use it some more to understand it better, but going from nothing to using it was an achievement.

After doing some CSS challenges and finding they were easy, except for the animation, I then went and reproduced the Red Dwarf XII logo animation at the beginning of each episode. 15 days later, it was done. Along with a lot more understanding of animation in CSS.

Then it was Hacktober, and this year I wanted to use my new confidence in CSS to do CSS things. I created a layout for Style Stage . It took me a while, but I would not have been able to do it 200 days ago - I wouldn't even have had the confidence to try.

I then played with HTML canvas. Having used it once to create some fireworks, I thought I understood it. But I spent a lot of my time thinking how much easier it would be in CSS! It did turn out to be a good place to re-use bits of code I had abandoned in other projects, and improve them. And get my head around the canvas a bit better.

After that I did a project with some JavaScript, which wasn't too hard. But it's using someone else's code that always takes a little while to understand and follow their conventions.

All in all, I achieved a lot this past 100 days. Now onto the next 100!