Another 100 days of code


2 min read

I've now done 500 days of code in total. The first 100 days took me a year. But then I got into a routine and the other 400 days have taken me about a year and a half.

What have I done during the last 100 days?

The 100 days started this back in April, when I was working on the FreeCodeCamp Front End Development Libraries Projects. I'd done everything else on that module apart from React ages ago. Since I'd done a React project, I then wanted to go back and get that certification.

Now that I knew React there was an open source project I used that I wanted to contribute to that used React. I then found it that it used Styled Components, so I went off and learnt that, then I could understand the project enough to make a contribution.

I then spent two months of the 100 days working on a solo project for Chingu using an API in React and Styled Components. I added a lot of complexity, which is why it took so long (plus at an hour a day everything takes a while), but I understood React more. And learnt about React Context and creating my own React hooks.

I felt myself going slightly mad working on the same project for 7 days a week, so I decided to take Saturdays off to do some tutorials on languages completely unrelated to JavaScript. It wasn't about learning them properly, just knowing the basics, as I am curious every time I see them mentioned as to what they are about. I did Python, Go and PHP in this 100 days.

I spent some time between projects (and sometimes during) working on Scrimba's Weekly Wen Dev Challenges and giving some feedback on Frontend Mentor.

Towards the end of the 100 days I started on a small project using Express to hide my API key.

What next?

In my next 100 days I will be doing some more Frontend Mentor challenges and learning Drupal. It will be my last 100 days. The reason is that in about 100 days I'll be starting a job as a front end developer! These are the things that will be useful in my new job, so hopefully I won't feel too lost when I start.