Another 100 days


2 min read

Having completed another 100 days of code, it's a good time to look back and see what I did and what I learnt during that time.

I did two Frontend Mentor challenges: Accordion and IP Address Tracker.

Prior to these 100 days I'd done pieces of things and I wanted to do a whole thing, but nothing too complicated, hence the Accordion. I accepted the challenge of not using JavaScript and therefore learnt about HTML summary/details tags.

I learnt Webpack one afternoon and then used it on the IP Address Tracker. I'd hardly used APIs, so this one was a good one to use it on, since it involved a couple of them.

I did spend some time towards the beginning of the 100 days on Scrimba's Web Dev Weekly challenges and JavaScriptmas, while working on the IP Address Tracker.

I discovered CSS Battle. Watching some videos of devs doing the same challenges was useful for learning the different ways of doing the same thing. I then spent a lot of time distracting myself with various challenges on there.

A third of the way into my 100 days I'd learnt about intersection observer, and set about using it with infinite scroll. With some more practising with APIs, so I could load an infinite number of cat photos.

And then, nearly halfway in, I was ready to learnt React (again). I tried it some time ago, but found it hard and decided I needed to learn more JavaScript first. This time it made more sense (and has got easier in the meantime now hooks exist).

After working through a tutorial I started on a project. It was supposed to be for trying out all the flashy things I'd seen with CSS and the intersection observer. And then I discovered that a multi-page website would be easier with React and ended up writing the whole thing with React - and learning a lot of React in the process.

I also re-learnt about unit/integration/e2e testing - I thought I'd understood what to test. I think I understand it now!

Around 40 days later, that site was done. And I got on with the business of completing the projects to get the FreeCodeCamp Front End Libraries certification.

In summary, this 100 days I have learnt:

  • Webpack
  • HTML details/summary tags
  • APIs
  • More CSS
  • Intersection Observer
  • React
  • Testing